Stores in Greece where you can find our books


Our books are distributed by the HELLENIC DISTRIBUTION AGENCY LTD and you can find them in stores that sell international press all over Greece.


Other bookstores and sales points:




Acropolis Museum’s Shop, Acropolis Museum, 2nd floor, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Sintagma - tel +30 2109000911

Infognomon bookstore - 14, Filelinon Street, Sintagma - tel +30 2103316036

Plaka Shopping Center - 1 Pandrosou Street, Mitropoleos Square - tel: +30 2103245405


Tsigaridas bookstore - 10-12, Ippocratous Street - tel: +30 2103626028





Grivas bookstore - Ithaca - tel: +302674032223

Lazaris bookstore - Ithaca - tel: +302674032413





Heraclion airport, Creta: Duty free shop

Rodos airport: Duty free shop

Samos airport: Duty free shop


Zakynthos airport: Duty free shop