About us and this site


This site features pictures and text extracts from books published by Sigma Publications, Athens, Greece.


Sigma Publications was founded in the 1970s by the brothers Menelaos and Yannis Stephanides with the launching of their 18-volume Greek mythology series for children, published in both Greek and English.


Today's Sigma Publications, under Dimitris M. Stephanides, continues to issue the books presented here. Τhey are based on ancient Greek mythology and Greek folk traditions and are aimed chiefly at readers who love and visit Greece and want to learn more about its civilization.


Τhe site and its maps were designed by Dimitris Stephanides. The pictures, by the artist Yannis Stephanides, are from the illustrations to the books. All the material in the site is intellectual property and reproduction, either in whole or in part, is forbidden without permission of its creators.